Enhancing branding by Blogging. (Officeworks)

Officeworks intro

Officeworks is Australia’s largest products & solutions supplier for any kinds of office, home and education. Officeworks provided widest range of stationery, technology, furniture, general office products and print and copy services. Officeworks currently having 141 retail stores in every Australian state and territory (May 2011).

Officeworks Branding

From 2008 officeworks has rebrand themselves by revising their logo, store department names, uniforms, and their slogan – “Lowest Price Everyday”, this revising strategy positioned Officeworks as lowest cost warehouse, as officeworks promised “Officeworks will beat any competitor’s price of an identical item by 5%”.

Officeworks’ Social space

Officeworks currently having three social spaces on the internet:

Facebook –  Using facebook to promote their activities, products and new ideas, visitors are allowed to post topics, comments and questions on its wall, which will be responded by officeworks’ stuff.

Twitter – Using twitter to promote events, news and ideas.

Website –  providing general information about officeworks, stores and products, online shopping service, online printing services and contacting officeworks through e-mails on webpage.

Start Blogging?

In today, there are many methods of branding through online world, as I have mentioned that officeworks already had Facebook, Twitter and official website. However officeworks have not yet implemented a Blog, which is the most popular way to gain competitive advantage and branding.

How can blogging helps on branding?

Blogs are a form included new web 2.0 technologies which mainly uses for users and vistors to post their comments and articles.  it can work in many ways which can be included with forums, discussion boards, or even designed as a daily diary to keep visitors up to date and discuss on new events, which will make users to feel a sense of ownership to the business and to feel themselves been taking cared by the business.

A business blog can create more exposure and hype, to get words out to online communities, and to get publicity opportunities; by provide discussion board which allows customers or visitors to discuss troubleshooting tips and tricks, also it can be used to post useful information about events, products, repairing or fixing, preventing problems and even company themselves.

4 important blog components for branding.

Keywords – using keywords in the contents which relevant to the products or services of the topic will allows your blog to be pulled up in search engine results when people are searching for products or services through specific keywords.

Links – Adding links to website on specific items in the blog post for users to easily get to the product or services offered in blog. Also customers are lazy, rather than re-search from search engine, they prefer to click on link you provide or go to the next web that displayed on search engine.

URLs – URLs are a beneficial tool for business because it’s provide inbound links. by using more URLs in blogs, it will build up the popularity that search engine thinks you have.

Beneficial info – Blogs provide business more chance to giving out their words, knowledge or information about the company. However by providing beneficial and useful information on the blog will always bring users or visitors good impression and chance to come back to the blog again.

  Officeworks Blog?

As i mentioned how blog works for branding, heres some points that blog can help officeworks.

* provide opportunities for customers to discuss their products, such as how to install office desk, user experience, suggestions and comments.

* provide great opportunities for users to find specific products on search engine.

* build officeworks own online communities for users who love officeworks can follow-up with updates and discussions.

* cost-effectively, lower cost( almost free) on building, customize and maintain your blog rather than other getting other advertisements.

* improve online visibility and website traffic.

* to take advantage or not to provide it to competitors by having blog.

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